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Kells Bells

For me, woman all the way. Cal probably wouldn't care if a linebacker did mine. I care. I think women are more gentle. And, well, according to my chart, I need gentle.


Maybe because I grew up the son of a doctor, but to me it really does not matter.

When you have your feet in stirrups, a hoo-haw is just a hoo-haw...unless you are totally into that and I will try not to judge you.


I infinitely prefer a female doctor, but I'd be mighty tempted to get a male one just to show my boyfriend his squeamishness would never be allowed to interfere with my very personal health issues.


How would your boyfriend feel if a hot dyke were examining your twat?


infinitely prefer a female doctor, but I'd be mighty tempted to get a male one just to show


Being a man I do not have strong feelings on the gender of my female significant other's gynecologist. I also do not travel in the same social circle as her OBGYN and am not sure this wouldn't make a difference. I am not uncomfortable at the moment when we meet/greet him, but then again he is not a young, handsome competitor of mine for her attention. He is in fact a highly trained professional being paid for his knowledge and practice to ensure she is safely monitored. I would think such a doctor would be a very personal choice and although not female, I value my FSO's assessment for her. Above all, I would opine it to be very important that you have confidence and trust in a medical examiner to have/know the skills that would be important for your health. That being said, it falls to me, secondarily, to be supportive of her choice. This would be in "the best interest of her well being" above my feelings of insecuriity or inadequacy within our relationship. So, her safety and health first. My support second, and our relationship thereafter. With that being said, it is just my opinion after all. Some might believe that if the relationship is well established first, then the rest will fall in place. Well, possibly, but if that were the case then there would not be an issue for some males on the OBGYN's gender. Thank you for the opportunity to express my view.


I'm not sure why the S.O. would care, one way or the other. The whole exam is so darned clinical -- who is thinking about anything else? Every time I've had a male OB/GYN, there's been at least one female nurse in the room with me.

Oh, and I don't think that female GYN's are necessarily more gentle just because they have the same anatomy. I've had some real witches examine me. Happiest now with the male GYN i have now. He's got more empathy.

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