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Happy Easter to you too! Your entry reminded me of the sermon this morning about how through life we all walk through dark times and always have the Christian hope to enter into the light. What kind of church do you attend?


I attend a Methodist church, although I have attended many different churches since I became a Christian. Initially, I tried almost every denomination represented in Athens, Ohio, which is where I was attending college when I converted, including Assembly of God (where I was baptized), Methodist that was part of the confesssing movement (which I didn't understand at the time), Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Nazarene, Church of Christ, and Baptist. For extended periods of time, I attended a Methodist church in Athens, the Vineyard (on the West Side of Columbus and in Seattle), an Alliance Christian Missionary Church in Seattle, and the Methodist church I am currently a member of in Columbus.

At first I wanted to learn about the doctrine of each church, and then I was also looking for places that were welcoming and allowed me to grow in my faith. I feel so lucky to have finally found a church that gives me what I need in such a wide variety of ways and where I really feel a commitment to be a part of the church community.

Kelli, it made me sad to read that you wished you had someone to go to church with you. It made me sad both because I wish that was something Cal could share with you and generally because I know how important Christian fellowship is to faith. I know you have mentioned how much you feel that the Episcopal church is the right place for you, but have you tried out more than one since moving to Knoxville? Or have you checked out the Lutheran church? It is also liturgical, so you might find it similar to Episcopalian.

One of my campus ministers is currently working in Tennessee, and I could check to see if she knows of any places you might be able to connect with other young adult Christians if you are interested.

Anyway, this is practically a new post/private letter... I think I'm going to be praying today about people finding what they need along the way in their faith journeys.

Bogart in P-Towne

I pop over here from time-to-time...thanks for this post. It is articulated well and really is the kind of story that may lead others to discover the difference between happiness and joy...As one of my good friends always says, "Happiness is from the outside in, but Joy is from the inside out."


I love the Episcopal church. There is the downside of lacking fellowship for young adults depending on the church and location. Ascension seems to have a larger young population and works with the Tyson House, UTK's Episcopal group. I've signed up for the Inquirer's Class, which meets every Sunday starting next week, so I can be confirmed and hopefully meet people. I'm interested in attending a small group at another church since Episcopalians do offer Bible study programs, but not like that. If you could find out some info for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've checked online and found a few but I'm still investigating. I've attended many different churches, including Lutheran, but the Episcopal service really calls to me.

I wish Cal would go to church with me. I'm hoping he'll come to my confirmation. Since I know his mother wants to come and attend, I'm sure he'll go then. How sad that it requires her intervention. My friend back home who helped me find my relationship with Christ has expressed her concern about Cal's lack of interest in faith things in general, and at the time I found it kinda offensive. As I grow older and this faulty relationship ages, the more I realize just how important sharing faith with a partner truly is - and I worry that one day it may come down to be a deal breaker. He was baptized and confirmed and attended a Methodist church most of his young life. And then his parents pretty much stopped requiring his attendance, so that combined with friends who don't care about faith or God, and he pretty much stopped caring. I still pray that my faith and strength will inspire him, and I pray to God to soften his heart daily. It's all I can really do at this time, you know? So if you ever need to add someone to your prayer list, feel free :)

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