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Do any other attorneys at the firm have criminal case experience?


One attorney worked at the PD's office for several years and will help me out as needed. I also have been put in contact with a couple other local attorneys who can assist me if I get cases that I am not fully qualified to handle. But I am the only one at my firm who will actually be doing criminal law...at least until they see how much I enjoy it.

Per Son

The key for handling the cases is to get a giant retainer and/or get all of the money for representation up front. Thus, if you are doing a DUI case, get the money for all of the experts, reconstructions, and fees up front. If they go to jail - you won't recover it. If they win, you'll still have a hard time recovering it. The unfortunate fact that any defense attorney will admit is that 90% of the defendants did it (meaning: you will deal with lotsa slime). The question is whether the prosecution can prove it.

The advice I am giving is from defense attorneys.

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