I have a JD from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and I was sworn in as an attorney on November 7, 2005. I am licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio, as well as the United States District Courts for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. My friend PC and I are planning to go to DC to be sworn in to the U.S. Supreme Court once we qualify. My friend PC is one of 3-4 people from law school I keep in touch with, and, although I didn't find law school to be a great place to make friends, the few I did make are awesome.

I work at a firm with approximately 20 attorneys. We offer legal services in all areas of civil law except domestic, and I also do criminal defense. I do all types of litigation and my main goal is to be a real live trial lawyer. I loved law school (most days), and so far I love being a lawyer.

I am a true believer in bar associations, and if you're a lawyer and ever get me started, I won't stop talking until you promise to join the ABA and/or YLD or attend the next CBA event, or otherwise acknowledge that you just never realized how awesome the bar was. I am even more of a true believer in CLE and I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn about trial techniques from the best litigators. I get made fun of for attending all the programming when I go to conferences or for trying to convince my friends that attending a CLE will be fun, but I'm used to being mocked.

Before I entered law school, I had many diverse interests which I now have the time to explore again. Kind of. I love theatre, movies, fine art, jazz, and other cultural experiences. I love good food that is well prepared. I love books of all sorts, except science fiction, with my favorites being legal non-fiction, many South American authors, Hemingway, and mysteries.

I took up rowing two years ago, which is one of the rare times in my life that I have pursued something despite sucking at it.

I am an Indians fan and slightly obsessed with going to as many ballparks as possible. I am also a Clippers season ticket holder, so don't make fun of AAA to me, and I've heard all the cowbell jokes. I am one of the rare people in Columbus who likes sports, but isn't a football fan.

I have lived all over the United States and love to travel domestically. I go to lots of conferences to indulge that passion, as well as to meet cool people and have awesome experiences. In February 2007 I went to London and France and I briefly visited Montreal for a conference in May 2007. I'm sure I will travel more internationally someday...when I have more time and money.

I have been in love three times. I have never been married, although I hope to be. I do not want children, but would reconsider for the right man. I am a bit jaded, but hopelessly romantic, and my love life serves more as entertainment for my friends than as something that fills me with hope for the future.

I started a blog (Law v. Life) the summer before I started my second year of law school. It chronicled my law school experiences and my personal life. It included occasional random opinions on the world around me. I was shocked as more and more people began to read it and become invested in my life. I decided upon becoming a grown up lawyer that it was time for a new format, both in terms of content and aesthetics. So, this is the second incarnation of my blog with my opinions on everything from arts to restaurants to politics. Except the fact that it is still 90% about my non-love life. When I do have actual opinions, nothing on this blog is intended or should be used as a legal opinion.

Please read, comment, email, and enjoy.