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Kells Bells

I really liked this entry, btw.

In response to your response: I've come to my senses (or I've gone completely delusional) and I'm going to reapply for admission to a different law school for Fall 09. Really. Maybe I am a masochist after all.


Very cool...I hope you can find a way to let yourself go and enjoy the ride...it can be a sweet one!


I got flowers at work today. :)


Wow...he is pulling out the stops.

Sweet. Bet you were a little giddy...maybe like a school girl?


Maybe just a little giddy...still. And I might possibly be drying one of the roses. And I'm blushing as I type this.

Yeah, he's pulling out all the stops, and in the perfect way, i.e., pizza for the first date followed by the roses after the second, so low key but over the top too.

I'm taking a deep breath now, and going to get ready for date #3.

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