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This post is very interesting to me because I just left my firm for an in-house position; a large part of my motivation was that I cared too much about the firm. Seeing all of the imperfections and knowing I was on the partnership track made me want to change things. But most of the time I felt like I was the only one that cared. It was really making me miserable. I am hoping that with an in-house position I will not have that same desire to fix imperfections, since the goal is not to be a partner with an ownership interest.

Bogart in P-Towne

When you figure it out please pass that along.

We are fighting the same thing here...we know that there will be a move sometime in the future and C's position will be the one to suffer...she has the drive and reputation to continue moving up there, but her motivation is gone.


I feel the same way in the job I have now. I haven't figured it out, either. To me, it would take simple changes to fix big problems, but we just can't get the manager to care. It's so incredibly frustrating!!! And when I try to say something, I'm seen as stirring things up or making a mountain out of a molehill. The whole thing has me seriously wondering if maybe my goal should be to have my own practice someday...


PS: I don't think that having strong emotions about marketing is ridiculous. It just shows you care!

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