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I love you! Screw the self-analysis. You're perfect as you are!

And yes, you can have your boyfriend back...

Kells Bells

In response to your question: I'm honestly not sure. I'm going home this weekend to see my parents, and I'm bringing my budget spreadsheets and going over with them how I can make it possible to get a place on my own. I'm not sure what that all means, but there it is. They told me I cannot come running home, that I need to make a place for myself in Knoxville since I just started my job, and give the city a chance, even if the relationship fails. I know there is wisdom somewhere in there, but I'm not sure I'm ready accept it, you know?

Why not so excited about said conference?


I'm definitely excited about the conference. I'm not so excited about the rest of life at the moment though. But an ABA YLD conference, followed by visiting friends, the beach, and a wedding should cheer me up, if not actually make me feel better...

You do have to make a place for yourself, but it may not be in Knoxville or where your parents are or where you went to law school, or where you currently have friends, or where your friends are moving to, etc. Figuring out the financial stuff should give you more confidence when you're ready to figure out what you really need and want, and let you focus on the harder emotional and spiritual stuff. It's time to give yourself a chance. :)

Bogart in P-Towne

Lov'n the music on the side.

"Pay Me My Money Down" is one of my favs off of that Springsteen album

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