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Bogart in P-Towne

The older I get, the fewer people I CHOOSE to spend time with.

Very nice that you have this group that provides with you people of similar interests.


Hmmm... I've been debating whether I should be sad/insulted by this post.... Then, I realize I'm just awesome so you obviously can't include me in all the people from home.


Hmmm, OLS... I don't think I actually said anything specific about my friends "from home" other than that it is rare for me to really connect with many people. Which would actually mean that it is implicit that you are included and should feel good about that. For example, if I have met 200 people at church, and you are one of the few that I am actually friends with or feel any connection to, that would be what I'm talking about. Whereas, you might meet 200 people at church and be open to being friends with virtually all of them. So you can be sad that I am not as open as you, but you certainly shouldn't be insulted (or think it's about you!).

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