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Legal Lane


I too am a quasi-in-the-closet Christian Station Listener. I say "quasi" only b/c people from church know, but that is about it. I have tried to be more open about it, but it seems everytime that it comes up in secular conversation, people give me a pecular look ... "you listen to the Christian Station?" Granted, this might have to do with the fact that the "F-word" flies out of my mouth on a regualr basis. Nevertheless, listening to praise music does lift your spirits all day long - putting you in a better mood to face the day ahead of you.

:) here is hoping you had an awesome weekend!


Yeah, I gotta admit it, too, now. I listen to 104.9. There are songs I can't stand and there are songs I really like, and while I tune out on the commercials, hate the talk radio portion of it, and don't listen to the call-in sessions which are way too cheasy for my taste, if they're just playing praise music, it's not bad.

Of course, I don't admit this to some of my friends. Everyone from my Bible Study assumes I listen to it, and did so even when I didn't listen to it, but my outside friends only know if I really trust them not to judge me for it.

I mean, seriously, how do you justify that your music tastes span from Elliot Smith and Bright Eyes to Christian pop?

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